About Plantation Olive Oil Co.

It was destiny…

Store owners Larry and Carol Jack stand in front of the olive oil dispensers.

Call it what you like but for Carol and Larry Jack, opening Plantation Olive Oil Company was their destiny. Their long-sought destination at the end of a very interesting journey brought them to their “heart home” in Greensboro, Georgia.

After a few years and success in both their careers on the West Coast, Larry was really missing the people and environment of Georgia. Being an adventurous type, Carol agreed that a move back east might be good for them and they could chart a new course in their careers.

Carol was offered a long-term assignment based in California, requiring permanent relocation from her home in Stone Mountain for potentially several years. At the same time, Larry had been given a unique opportunity to leave the Atlanta area to become the Chief Clinical Officer of a national managed care company, also based in California.

A friend of Larry and Carol, who lived in the sleepy, picturesque mountain village of Blue Ridge, Georgia offered them a place to “land” until they were able to figure out where to settle and what they’d like to do. Exploring the little downtown one day took them into the Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company and they were amazed and intrigued by the store’s concept. Numerous follow up visits just deepened their conviction that this was what they wanted to do.

Exterior of Plantation Olive Oil store front in Greensboro, GA.

They searched many towns, looking for a home, not only for themselves but for their new venture but nothing was hitting them as “the place” until a friend of Larry’s asked them if they had looked at Greensboro. Up until that point, they hadn’t considered it, as Larry put it “it was just a little speck on the map” but they made the visit, feeling nothing ventured, nothing gained. The quiet, country town with its scenic wooded areas, lake and golf courses captured their hearts immediately. It was a small town to be sure, but destiny had brought them here and everything just felt right.

Greensboro is now home of Carol and Larry’s vision and passion for a natural healthy lifestyle and delicious foods. Word spread fast about this unique shopping destination and the amazing adventure that awaits all who visit.

Carol and Larry invite you to stop by, share great conversation and spend time experiencing the vast array of tastes, flavors and benefits of their premium olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world.

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