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Love the flavor of butter, but don’t like the heart-stopping properties? This creamy extra virgin olive oil is naturally infused with the rich flavor of butter. This oil is made from premium, ultra fresh, extra virgin olive oil from our collection blended in small artisan batches

Use this golden, vegetarian, dairy-free olive oil as a butter substitute in baking or anywhere you might use melted butter. Use over hot popcorn, with seafood, to dip bread, over pasta, mashed potatoes, grits, rice or in baking.

Suggestions for Use:

  • Combine with Cinnamon-Pear or Tahitian Vanilla over squash
  • Cook popcorn or use in an oil mister and spray after cooking
  • Combine with Maple and pour over pancakes and waffles
  • Use in baking in place of butter or when you need melted butter

Complements: Bread, Baking, Seafood, Meats, Pasta, Vegetables, Eggs, Popcorn

Vinegar Pairings: Traditional 18-Year, Coconut, Garlic, Maple, Cinnamon Pear, Tahitian Vanilla

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