The Difference Between UP EVOO and Regular EVOO

Ultra Premium (UP) is a new category of olive oil that distinguishes the highest quality olive oil in the world. The UP standard was created in response to the growing need to separate high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) from what dominates the so called “gourmet” and “premium” olive oil markets.

Ultra-pure extra virgin olive oil certification seal.

The UP standard has as its principal barometers Chemistry and Freshness. These two underappreciated variables can be objectively measured, quantified, and certified. Since the highest quality EVOO comes from high quality fruit coupled with high quality production processes, the UP standard encompasses strict requirements for both the end-product and the production process.

When a quality EVOO is fresh, there is significantly more positive sensory qualities detectable by the palate. Newly developed tests can objectively quantify the “Freshness” of an EVOO and are referred to as the “Fresh Pack” tests. These tests include both the Diacylglycerol Content (DAGS) which indicates quality and freshness, and Pyropheophytins (PPP) which identifies fresh EVOO from refined, deodorized, or blended oils.